Skonnie Music

  • San Francisco, CA, USA
Band: Original Gothic Metal Progressive Rock

"Skonnie Music, Progressive Metal Band featuring Vocals/lyrics Connie Yerbic and Guitars/Composer Sal Moretta"

Thanks so much for listening to our music! Skonnie is made up of ASCAP vocalist/flutist/lyricist  Connie Yerbic and veteran guitarist/composer Sal Moretta. We are excited to announce our upcoming songs will be released through UMG label Sonorous Records. The mission statement of Skonnie Music is to create and perform amazing, original music which energizes our fans. We compose our music to entertain and positively touch our fans and all music lovers, via traditional music, cinema, sporting events, business, gaming, and other creative endeavors. We also share our music with the belief that music can have a profound impact on the neurologically challenged, including stroke victims, Muscular Dystrophy, and other disorders, and will strive always to be leaders in the music industry demonstrating the role of music in holistic medicine. Join our mailing list for our latest activities. Our website is

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