Save Local Music

Music venues are closing their doors or moving away from live music performers at a record pace. With every venue change from live performers to 'canned' entertainment, the odds of having great music tomorrow being born today is slowly diminishing. 

We believe that Muzaic can help reverse the current trend of venues dropping live entertainment altogether. But we need your help to “keep the lights on” and to get the word out so we can expand our service to every city in the U.S.

We estimate the costs for doing marketing and getting traction in a specific region is approximately $5k per state. Therefore, we've set a modest goal of $35k for the first 7 states. If we exceed our goal by a little, those additional funds will allow us to continue building new features and cutting-edge services for the live entertainment industry.

We're not backed by any banks or venture capitalists, and we'd like to keep our operation independent for as long as we can. Even if every performing artist in the U.S. was to contribute just twenty-five cents, or if each venue and promoter pitched in just a few bucks, we'd far exceed our fundraising goal. And that’s not even counting contributions from the people who benefit the most- the fans! 

Whatever amount is raised, you can be assured that it will go towards keeping Muzaic free of charge, keeping the performing arts alive, and ensuring your future in the live entertainment industry. Best of all, we all get to make the music and the superstars of tomorrow happen!

We also welcome you to join our Facebook group and become part of the movement at


- The Muzaic team