The Folsoms

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Country

"We are The Folsoms band based in North Snohomish County."

The Folsoms are a North Snohomish County Group of friends and musicians who started playing together in 2014. They formed the band with the idea of playing music together that they all enjoy. Wanting to break out of the stereotypical-genre attached classifications of bar bands or “cover” bands, they present themselves more of a smorgasbord of Johnny Cash train beats, seasoned with rockabilly rowdiness, marinated with country molasses, smoked over Appalachian smoky mountains, smothered in Bakersfield twangy sauce and served up with an ice cold beer (or two). Although originally formed for “just for the fun of it,” over the past three years they have performed at festivals, casinos, benefits, museums, bars, birthdays, ranches, parks, granges and most recently in the studio where The Folsom’s are currently recording their second album of all original music with their own unique flavors. “We like to put on a good and fun show, trying to let everyone know how much we really enjoy this music...” says the “short of ” Cash front man, Earl Edward. “We like to take a good ol’ song, let our bassist Steve Meyers slap it around the doghouse in train beat time to Jim Cory’s foot-stompin' rhythm, covered in Pete Frothingham’s baritone guitar styling and just see where it lands.” Hang out here and check out our events tab and get to know more about The Folsoms today.

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