Once Upon a Tuesday

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Americana Rock

"A high energy, fun lovin' band that's blending rock & roll with Seattle soul."

“You sort of remind me of X or Y artist, but you really have a unique sound and I really like it!” Once Upon A Tuesday hears this on occasion. “Seattle Soul Meets Rock n' Roll” is how the band thinks of their musical style. Lead vocalist/guitar player Tyke Reasy and bassist/vocalist Keith McNeal began writing together shortly after meeting while in the Navy. Since being paired at an open mic with and subsequently adding Sandy Johnson on drums and percussion in 2012, they have steadily continued to build an impressive catalogue of their own. Once Upon A Tuesday will take you on a musical excursion that bends and blends genres into something unique. Reasy's soulful, growling vocals will take you from first love to past love, with ballads that will grab your soul and anthemic statements that will make you feel as though you've grown wings. McNeal's soaring harmonies blend perfectly to balance and complete the journey, while his striking bass lines mesh with Johnson's pulsing grooves to anchor the bottom end. Rounding out and broadening the musical canvas, Jeff Mims' energizing, smoky lead guitar and vocals and Dave Sobie's lush, passionate sax riffs skillfully enrich and complete the portraits

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