Asta Wylie

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Country Rock

"Country/Rock from Seattle"

Asta Wylie is a renegade, girl-power anthem artist, bringing a unique sound to the country music scene of Nashville. Asta has been creative and performance oriented since she was a child. She started with dance, at the age of one, after seeing her first ballet and falling head over heels in love with it. She impressively practiced ballet, salsa, bachata, zouk, musical theater, tap, jazz, and competitive ballroom over the next 17 years, with a goal of eventually becoming a professional ballroom dancer. However, a knee break in 2013 temporarily paused her dance career, and she turned to songwriting to produce creative content in another way. When she was able to return to dance, she found a new relationship with the music. Dance became a way of expressing the music that she had grown to love even more through writing her own songs. As she was finishing high school, she found it harder and harder to balance her dance and music careers and realized it was time to make a choice: ballroom or music. The spring of her senior year she attended NSAI’s Spring Training and Tin Pan South – a songwriter’s music festival in Nashville – and her choice was made. She fell in love with Nashville and the music industry and decided she would move down the following fall to chase her music dreams.Asta’s dance background introduced her to a wide variety of music, reflective in her songwriting. Born and raised in the pacific northwest, but with a father from the south, and extensive dance training in so many dance styles, Asta’s day to day playlist could include anything from Sinatra to Michael Jackson to Alabama to Michael Franti and more. Her own music reflects this cross cultural and varied background. She combines country, indie, and rock genres to create a unique and timeless sound.Asta’s overall career goal is to connect with people through her music. She understands the power of music to help people cope with strong emotions and turbulent times. Asta wants to help people harness those feelings rather than try to suppress them. “My goal is to show the strength and power in vulnerability,” Asta proudly states - many of her songs are quite shockingly honest. “People who know me well enough to personally know the stories behind the songs are often surprised that I wrote the story ‘exactly how it happened.’” Asta is not afraid to share he soul with the world - she knows sincerity is the best way to reach people. “I also aim to give women a powerful voice,” She continues. “I’ve grown up feeling empowered and proud to be a woman, but I have also witnessed and been subject to sexism and inequality.” She’s not interested in being someone’s tan-legged Juliet, or the sugar in your sugar shaker. Asta is creating a powerhouse voice for women in not only country music, but all music.

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