Suburban Vermin

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Punk

"It’s hard to produce something original in a city known for breaking the musical mold, but that’s exactly what Seattle’s Suburban Vermin has done with their crunchy punk sound."

When you think of Seattle, it’s eclectic music scene is an immediate association. The birthplace of grunge music is still home to a vibrant alternative rock scene. Bands likes Suburban Vermin keep that fire burning with great new songs and frantic live shows. The band consists of Amanda Gamino (Vocals/Guitar), Jason Vermin (Vocals/Bass), and Ali Han (Drums).Suburban Vermin was founded by Jason in August 2007. A revolving door of musicians lost to marriage, day jobs and other commitments led to Amanda join a year later, solidifying one half of the songwriting powerhouse. They trudged on through the ups and downs of being an indie band with a revolving door of drummers until landing Ali in late 2015, finally realizing the full potential of the term power trio.The band has been described as one that embodies a truly authentic punk rock sound. Critics have compared their music and live experience to that of the Ramones, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Distillers, Rancid and NoFX, all defining bands of the genre who reached their creative heights during the ebbs and flow of punk music throughout the years. This is a sound that was somewhat lost as punk endeavored and divided into different sub-genres and niche followings. Punk fans can unite under Suburban Vermin for this very reason: they resemble the classic punk sound that everyone knows and loves without growing stale.In their 8 year career Suburban Vermin has been lucky enough to share the stage with historical and notable punk bands like Left Alone (Hellcat Records), Authority Zero, Guttermouth and original 1977 British punk band The Members (whose lead singer J.C. Carol was quoted as saying “Suburban Vermin is the real sound of the suburbs.”)They even almost opened for D.O.A once, but they had to cancel.Almost a decade in Suburban Vermin shows no signs of slowing down or repeating themselves. Their latest and biggest release to date “Headless Over Heels,” was received well by critics with Crossradar stating “Keeping close to that classic punk aesthetic, the tracks are short and snappy, matching the sense of urgency that is found in the band’s sound. So often we are offered sound-alikes or blatant wannabes, but the sound of Suburban Vermin is eerily close to that which Kurt Cobain was trying to do before he was so totally destroyed by the industry and expectations placed upon him.’

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