Glory Nightshade

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"Multi-Instrument, Vox and Songwriter for 3 bands on 2 Continents"

If I EVER pimp the same self aggrandizing BS I see in so many other bios I read here, somebody please shoot me. How Blistering, In your FACE, TOTALY with several MAJOR label interests is that???? Ha, Im the Former front man of Gangland (Seattle), Bass guitar for Ray Gunn. (Seattle) Glory Nightshade is a transgender metal artist from Seattle, also by way of Anchorage AK. All material is solo recorded, performed and written alone by Glory. Compared to Ozzy, Savatage, Metal Church and Alice Cooper are great company to be considered with IMO. "Electronic Techno- Metal? "Meshing metal crunch "Feminine, but not Effeminate?."( Say THAT with a mouthful of crackers.) Is all some bullshit I once read somewhere. The music speaks of things I think about and see, hear and feel. I am fully aware of transgender predjudice, yet use the music as a vehicle to generate acceptance, awareness, and hopefully inspire thought and entertainment, and look damn good doing it. I am Ambiguous. I'm simply Glory, and this is what I do. As you scroll thru the song titles you will find topics that include loneliness, Isolation, Neglect, hate, heartbreak, drugs and alcoholism, sex and GOD. There are a few fun ones mixed in too, so I wont seem so one dimensional. I want to hear from you about what you think and feel , so please write, and THANK YOU> Bitches. ha

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