• Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"5 gorgeous men from the greater Seattle area who love to play and listen to death metal."

Odyssian formed in May of 2013 with the goal of making music, with an emphasis on quality and collaboration. Coming from a rich background of musicianship, experience, and stylistic diversity, we come together to create a compelling form of heavy, melodic music. Members of previous bands include Royalty In Ruins, Kyaustic, Fester In Exile, Binary Holocaust, Viking Funeral, Altar Of Abomination, and Poop Smell. All of us bring a matured musical mindset to the table which results in a completely new entity comprised of the true passions of the musicians creating it. Much like the story of Ulysses, Odyssian promises to be a journey not only for the musicians, but for the listener as well. We hope to be making an impact within the near future.

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