• Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Hip-Hop

"The "Style of No Style" MC, Diveyede, uses abstract, poetic lyrics as a method to find serenity in the chaos around him"

Formally known as "Divide the Poet", the California rooted and now Seattle based, Diveyede, Labels himself a "Style of No Style" Poet with an Alternative, unorthodox HipHop uniqueness. He creates self-produced and self-written lyrical music that expresses each persona in his mind based on his own experiences and knowledge. From love and relationships, to lust and friendships, politics to humanity, to war and peace. Many subjects are talked about as Diveyede tries to establish calmness in chaos.Having toured with Rhymesayers and Oldominion Duo "Grayskul" back in fall of 2015, whom took him under their wing and taught him the in's and out's of tour life, Diveyede's motivation grew to new heights! He started an EP series called "The Fallout" (which he had the Oldominion, production genius himself, Smoke M2D6 produce) and released the first of the 3 diverse installments, on March 16th, 2016, titled "The Fallout: Destroy". He has many projects in the works, but has put most of them on hold for his newest one called "Dēd.Wait.Exe" and his soon to be released EP called "there is no cure//they will be the death of me" where he has honed in on a new aspects of his art and is now molding his craft towards it.He has shared the stage with Zion I, J. Lately, ill Methods, Dark Time Sunshine, Myke Bogan, Chisme, 2mex, Rob Sonic, The Knowmads, Sammy Warm hands, Blueprint, Homeboy Sandman, illmaculate, Cage and Mac Lethal, just to name a few.Diveyede was integrated into Oldominion in 2016 and is the founder of the CA trifecta "The DynoNauts" (featuring his friends and artists Amaury C. and Belzar).Diveyede is self-motivated and is determined to establish a name in the underground scene through his passion of music and passion alone.

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