Steel Grit

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Country Rock

"Steel Grit is comprised of 4 musicians that play some kick ass music."

Steel Grit thanks you for visiting our fb page. We are 4 very seasoned, yet different musicians working together to create some new music for you. We are based out of Sumner, WA and ready to rock you with some energetic takes on some tunes you may know and some you don't. We are a reformation of the late Storm Creek. You can expect the same energized Country music as well as Rock and Originals With the demise of Storm Creek, John (drummer) wanted to get things going again. After contacting Tony (lead guitarist) and the Mark (Bass), the core was whole again. This time though, the country music would be played with even more energy and with more stage show. Rock songs and originals are now part of the show as well. 

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