Chasing Oz

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Straight up rock, some progressive-influenced tunes, catchy simple hooks & melodies, jamming, with the dynamic, emotional, passionate vocals of our G!"

Chasing Oz are among the freshest and most talented groups to come out of Seattle in a long while. They have merged sounds of hard rock and ethereal indie pop in an artistic way that reaches deep down into your soul. Formed in 2012 by Ginine Emily and Randy C, they have engaged and rocked audiences over the Pacific Northwest music scene, Canada and beyond. It is a rarity to find a band that can rock so hard with unbridled passion and intensity, but also is so completely down to earth and humble. "No Divas in this band", confirms the lead singer, Ginine Emily, who has been intimately immersed in the Seattle Rock Scene for over 2 decades. Their music inspires emotion; An optimistic breath of fresh air in a world that seems to be currently in such turmoil and chaos. Chasing Oz attack the stage with an intensity much like Heart, but with a vulnerability reminiscent of Adele. They tell their stories through their songs as a way to reach out and say "You're not alone, We DO care!" With an ever-growing fanbase, they have recently shared the bill on sold-out shows with internationally touring acts CANDLEBOX, FILTER, DROWNING POOL, and PAT TRAVERS and also graced the stages at one of the world's biggest Hemp Festivals. "Chasing Oz creates sensational, beautiful music that once again demostrates Seattle's status as a music mecca. I wish I knew how they did it! Ginine can actually sing, and they play real instruments and they don't even use auto-tune!!! ...Baffling! " 

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