Norrish Reaction

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Pop Rock

"Norrish Reaction - Seattle Inspired Psych-Pop Alternative Rock"

The Norrish Reaction CD was produced and engineered by Geoff Ott at the historic London Bridge Studio in Seattle. Norrish explains, “Geoff Ott has worked with the best including Candlebox, Alice in Chains, Paul Rogers, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Queensryche, Melissa Etheridge to mention a few. “Geoff Ott has a unique talent to empower and bring out the best performance of each of us, and to track and engineer songs that are outstanding,” explains songwriter Winston Norrish. Drummer Bob Lupton says, “Recording at London Bridge Studio in Studio A, the big drum room, was a real treat. This room has been the recording nexus of so many great bands and drummers. It was surreal to be there and to lay down tracks that have that Seattle big drum sound.” Initial conversations with Geoff Ott, who is also co-owner of London Bridge Studio with Jonathan Plum, proved to be fruitful. The band felt confident early in the process that this was a place for having fun and for crafting professional, high quality Seattle inspired music! The amazing Steve Turnidge, Ultraviolet Studios in Seattle, put the final touch on the songs as the mastering engineer.Norrish Reaction’s debut CD indeed captures the retro and contemporary sounds of Seattle-inspired alternative rock with engaging vocal lyrics based on reality, driving guitar solos with power chords, heavyweight bass patterns, classic rock keys, and big drums. Yet songwriter Winston Norrish incorporates interesting melodies and arrangements woven together with lyrics about life. If you prod Winston “why Norrish Reaction”, he will go on about the synthesis of old and new, and the combination of classic and current. And that’s what this music delivers – songs with a retro soul conveyed with contemporary, Seattle-inspired elements. Band members include Winston Norrish on vocals and guitar; Bob Lupton on drums and percussion; and Caspar van Haalen on bass. Guest keyboard artist Lenny Price performed with the band. Lenny also spent 12 years performing saxophone with legendary jazz musician Earl Klugh. Alexandra Lupton performs keyboards and percussion on a number of songs including drums on the Led Zeppelin style song March on Egypt.Lenny Price delivers impressive keyboards on four tracks, harking back to his early years as a piano player on the pop and rock scene in Detroit. Lenny Price shares, “I have recorded well over 60 CDs in my career and the Norrish Reaction album is in the top three for excitement, creativity, and arrangements.” Lenny introduces the listeners to the iconic Moog synthesizer sound on the rock ballad, Walked Away. “When I heard the early draft tracks for Walked Away, I knew this album was going to be great and I knew that it called for the Moog.” Lenny appears courtesy of Midshipman Records.Caspar van Haalen, of Seattle, was brought into the project after much of the record had been tracked. Hearing the results of Caspar’s first session at London Bridge, Norrish, who had recorded all of the original bass tracks, immediately fired himself as the bass player and asked van Haalen to play on every song. “Caspar’s playing simply brought this record to another level”, said Norrish. The use of the nomenclature “contemporary alternative Seattle rock” is as close as one gets in describing the genre, but regardless, the music lover will agree – Norrish Reaction sounds GREAT and you will find yourself singing along to lyrics that feel good!

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