Strap On Halo

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Rock

"Alternative/Rock from Seattle"

Strap On Halo's music harkens to 'traditional gothic' that is driven by howling guitars, resonating bass and a haunting female voice.Cassandra ~ Dominion MagazineSeattle, Washington darkwave trio Strap On Halo craft elegant, minimalist electronica that gives a solid hat tip to goth and French coldwave, yet succeeds in pushing the genre into a lyrically driven, ethereal space that is dream inducing and haunted in equal measure.Aaron the Audiophile of 53rd and 3rd Magazine has said of the band, “Strap On Halo sounds as if they recorded their session in a smokey underworld dungeon but doesn’t rely on horrific imagery to sell their mission statement. Instead, they focus on an eerie groove and moody atmosphere to paint an audio picture of both gloom and beauty.” The trio draw comparisons to Faith and the Muse, Switchblade Symphony and Siouxie and the Banshees. They are revered and recognized as veterans of the 90’s second wave of the gothic rock resurgence. Known for their mesmerizing performances and beautifully produced albums, Miranda Yardly of Terrorizer magazine has said of the 2011 full length, The Dead Don’t Lie… “Lenore is a stand out track for me, I can’t get it out of my head. Even if I could, I’d want it back on, just for the drum machine alone. If you could bottle this song, I’d take a crateful, that cold 90’s sound injected with a smidgeon of sexiness…” Formed in 2009, Strap On Halo are Layla Reyna, vocals and programming, Sean Rial on guitar and bassist Marc Rhon Jones. The band first released the album Cherry Flavored Quick Fix [2009] which garnered local, national and international attention that has continued with each subsequent release. Following the full length The Dead Don’t Lie [2011], the trio remained heavily focused on creating a flood of new work, releasing the single Gloomy Sunday [2012], followed by the release of the 5 song EP Haunted [2014], Ode To Krampus [2015] and the newly released full length Prayers For The Living [2016]Prayers For The Living was an important milestone for Strap On Halo as it followed the decision to relocate the band to Seattle, following a move by bassist Marc Jones to the area in the previous year. Prayers For The Living was recorded in Portland, Oregon with producer Lee Popa [Killing Joke, Ministry, Slammin’ Watusis] who also played keys on the single Chameleon from the album. Also present for recording and production was Paul Barker [Ministry, Revolting Cocks] which also resulted in the band receiving an endorsement from Barker’s synth pedal company, Malekko Heavy Industry. Strap On Halo entered the studio in May, 2016 to record the new EP, Altar Of Interim released August 5, 2016. Shortly thereafter, the band embarked upon a four week U.S. tour in August, followed by the band’s first European tour which takes place in September 2016 in support of their latest album, Prayers For The Living.Strap On Halo is currently working on their next release and booking tour dates for 2018 and 2019. Discography:2009: Cherry Flavored Quick Fix – CD & digital EP 2011: The Dead Don't Lie – CD & digital album2012: Vault – retrospective compilation CD album2012: Gloomy Sunday – CD & digital single (+ limited edition Triptych Coffin Box Set and Digipack packages)2013: Ode to Krampus – LE 7" vinyl & digital single2014: Haunted – CD & digital EP2016: Prayers For The Living - CD & digital album2016: Altar of Interim - CD & digital EP

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