Prelude to a Pistol

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Rock

"Seattle-based Dark Alternative, Hard Rock band with a Bluesy edge"

Described as the split-second between pulling the trigger and the hammer striking the bullet, Prelude to a Pistol was formed in 2012 by former members of The Sins Lee Tillman (guitars) and Jyri Glynn (violin), followed shortly thereafter by singer Ray Clark, former Sins drummer Chris Womble, and bassist Daemon Chadeau. Nate Butler would replace Womble that following Summer, and together with Chadeau became the most dominant rhythm section in Seattle Rock. The band would be signed to River Otter Records in 2013 to record their debut album "Not Sorry". Two music videos ("Not Sorry" & The Black") as well as a West Coast tour would follow. In 2015 a follow up E.P "Vendetta - The Underground Sessions" was recorded at Law Dogg Studios and independently released that year. After some line up changes with Ray moving to the East Coast (with Bryan Lee installed as the new frontman) and Glynn moving to Southern California, Prelude to a Pistol signed with Wicked Wonderland Entertainment in 2016 and recorded their next EP "The Fallen" at B.O.C studios with producer Intelykt. Another music video would follow for the song "Runaway" and then embarked on another West Coast Tour, this time hitting Boise, ID and Las Vegas NV.2018 saw the departure of Nate Butler and Bryan Lee, and the arrival of new lead singer Roman Pullen, and drummer Christina Blunt. The four have been writing all new material with a darker, harder rock edge. The next bullet has been loaded into the chamber, and we're ready to open fire once again!Band Members (Past and Present)Current Members:Roman Pullen - Lead Vocals (2018 - Present)Lee Tillman - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals (2012 - Present)Daemon Chadeau - Bass, Backing Vocals (2012 - Present)Christian Blunt - Drums, Percussion (2018 - Present)Former Members

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