Primary Pulse

  • Seattle, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Rock

"Brand new "Pulse Rock" Band out of the greater Seattle/Tacoma area."

By the end of 2015, drummer Grace Hansmeier and bassist Will Smith (yes, that's his real name) were looking to form a new band. So was Sabrina Littleton, a vocalist and guitarist who had become acquainted with Grace. Around the same time Grace told her office BFF, Alex that she was on the hunt for a lead guitarist. Low and behold Alex's boyfriend, Jay Richards, was a guitar extraordinaire in search of an awesome project. After a handful of jam sessions, the quartet joined forces to cause the explosion known as Primary Pulse.Update: In 2017 Will Smith had to return back home to South Carolina. Robert Keene stepped in and is the new bassist of Primary Pulse.

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