Life AfterLife

  • Tacoma, WA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Punk

"Rock/Punk/Melodic Hardcore from Seattle and Tacoma! Come see us Live! won't be disappointed."

Life AfterLife is a Tacoma-area band that strives to play a brand of high-energy rock that can be enthralling on a musical level, and at the same time be engaging and reflective in it's lyrical approach. Life AfterLife's sound can range a bit between a faster, punk-ish sound to an egdy, pop-rock sort of vibe, with melodic overtones and splashes of louder hardcore influence. The sound is consistent in both their choice of covers and the early formulation of originals. Their lyrics use real-life situations to focus down on our basic reasons for living and the questions we ALL have about life and ourselves. Life AfterLife is committed to having a sound you can enjoy and lyrics you can dig into.Life AfterLife plays a wide variety of venues and events and has been averaging 3 performances a month, ranging all over the Puget Sound.

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