MC Funky J

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hip-Hop

"New Single "I'm A Beast!""

Residing in Los Angeles. Rising up from a place in Columbus, Ohio known as "The Bottomz". The name has been applied to describe the low socioeconomic status andcomparatively high crime rate of the area. A protege of the legendary KRS-One, MC Funky J a.k.a Loco Gringo, Jungle Doctor "The Medicine Man on da Mic", Mr. Terrific (born Matt Johnson) was introduced to Hip Hop in the early 90's.He began rapping at the age of 11. MC Funky J first started in the rap industry in the summer of 1999 as a Freestyle Battle MC. Either exchanging lyrical swords on the street or on stage. At one particular Contest, the Columbus Hiphop Xpo he made his presence known. Even though he didn't win the Comp he defeated the previous years Champion G.A. Capone, in the first round. Later in the Competition Funky lost to Jakki Da Motamouth of the MHZ crew. Which still to this day people say was a controversial decision. He also took part in the Ohio Rave Scene that was booming in the late 90's and early 2000's. August 2002 MC Funky J was invited by DJ Soul Slinger to a Green Peace sponsored event titled (Ecosystem 1 Version 2.0) located in the center of the Amazon Jungle in Manaus, Brazil. The event which had over 15,000 Attendee's was to teach the Indigenous Peoples (who which gave Funky the Alias Loco Gringo) of the benefits of recycling and replenishing our Mother Earth. Other scheduled Artist to name a few included the legendary Godfather of Hiphop and the Founder of the UZN (Universal Zulu Nation) Afrika Bambaataa, Supa Tc Iz who is the Originator of the Hip Step Movement. He was formerly known as Supa Mc Tc Izlam, Mad Professor who is a legendary producer and dub master, and DJ Soul Slinger who has been credited as the Father to American Jungle. A sk8 Competition also took place which brought out Brazil's Top Vert Skater's including Bob Burnquist who placed 2nd at the Comp. The Competition was also Televised by ESPN Sports in Brazil. May 2004 after sending in a demo, MC Funky J was accepted beating out a block of MC's to an audition held at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. The winner was to go on tour with the legendary KRS-One. When the smoke cleared their was only one MC left blazin. Funky then went on to the 2nd round of the contest in Atlanta, Georgia. He again beat out the competition and was invited on tour. After personal matters Funky had to attend to he missed a few shows. He didn't return until the closing of the East Coast part of the Keep Right tour in July of 04'. After doing a few shows Funky attended the Miami Billboard Awards. He was there to rep KRS-One who was Honored by them as a Pioneer. The Tour was supposed to have ended in Orlando but KRS-One invited to mentor Funky. After moving to California and studying under KRS-One, Funky was eventually promoted to The Head Of Dept Of Society in The Temple of Hiphop. He had many responsibilities when it came to the activism stand point as well as entertainment as he was at one time KRS-One's Assistant Manager. MC Funky J has gotten props for his lyrical skill from legendary icons in Hip Hop such as KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Mya, Mad Lion, Sean Price from the Boot Camp Clik, Del, Grandmaster Caz and Chief Rocker Busy Bee. He is featured on a Various Artists album entitled "Tribute to the Father" which is an dedication album to the legendary DJ Kool Herc, the Father of Hiphop. The project was a collective effort that brought together artist such as Ras Kass, Xzibit, Mad Lion, Planet Asia, KRS-One, Medusa, and many more. MC Funky J has also done cameo appearances in the documentaries "The MC: Why We Do It" and "The Art of 16 Bars" produced by QD3. QD3, son of the legendary (Quincy Jones) produced 2Pac's "To Live & Die in L.A." He has also scored films and television shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Menace II Society as well as many known documentaries such as the BEEF series as well as Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel: The Life of an Outlaw. Funky rolled with KRS-One a bit shy of a year from July 2004 - June 2005 before resigning to focus on other ventures such as his news company Kulture News and clothing company Hood Apparel as well as his music career. 2007-2009 Funky hosted and performed at several events including Crash Mansion LA, The Airliner (LA), Grand Star (Chinatown), 2nd Street Jazz Club (Little Tokyo), Barcopa (Santa Monica) among other venues.March 2009 MC Funky J entered a $1 Million Dollar Rap Contest on MTV called the One World Hip Hop Championship. After all the Votes were tallied he was not only the 3rd most Voted out of 3,000 Contestants but he also Won the California Region. Funky was flown out to Las Vegas to join the other Finalist including G-Dep, Sam I Am, Dizaster, Meta4ce, Aftahlife and several other well-known/respected battle rappers for the taping. The show aired several times on MTV2 but the series never finished and the Contest was cancelled.October 2009 MC Funky J appeared on The Jay Leno Show during Leno's Jaywalking segment. The cameo can be viewed on YouTube.May 2010 MC Funky J recorded a song entitled "It's More Than Music" feat Craig G (Juice Crew) which will be included on his upcoming Debut Album "FunkDetta", Coming Soon!

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