Maya Jupiter

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hip-Hop

"Digital Press Kit"

The Chicana From Down Under.Born in La Paz, Mexico to a Mexican Father and Turkish Mother, Maya grew up in Sydney, Australia. It was in Sydney’s Western Suburbs where she first fell in love with Hip Hop. Maya’s love of writing rhymes helped her express her fear, pain, joy and hope as a teenager and later on she realized the power music held in using it as a tool to make a positive difference in her community. It is with this ideal that she co-founded Artivist Entertainment, an entertainment company committed to creating and supporting art and music that inspires positive social change alongside Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzales, Alberto Lopez and Aloe Blacc.Maya has released two solo albums, the latest created with Quetzal Flores and Martha Gonzalez of Grammy Award winning, EastLos rock band Quetzal and her husband, singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc. The album is inspired by Son Jarocho and stays true to Maya's love of hip hop, dancehall and soul, made up almost entirely of live instrumentation, including Mexican harp, tarima and jarana. Her lyrics are powerful, vibrant, and uplifting.Maya’s first album ‘Today’ debuted in 2003 on Mother Tongues, the first label dedicated solely to women in hip-hop. She later performed with Latin Jazz band Son Veneno, formed a group called Foreign Heights, presented and produced several hip-hop radio shows including the national ‘triple j’s hip hop show’ and her own ‘Black Beans, Brown Rice’ Radio show on and was a VJ for Channel [V] Australia.Maya’s Artivism began in her early twenties when she facilitated Hip Hop workshops with under served youth in Sydney’s south and west, teaching young people how to write, record and perform songs. In 2012 she was an official Ambassador for ‘The Line campaign,’ an Australian government anti-violence initiative. In Los Angeles she volunteered as a mentor with Peace Over Violence's Youth Over Violence Summer Institute, facilitating a song writing and recording internship around songs that discussed healthy relationships. Since 2014, she has been a spokesperson for their Denim Day Campaign bringing awareness to Sexual Violence and was recognised with the Voice Over Violence Humanitarian Award. Maya is on the advisory board and volunteers with Tiyya as a writing instructor for the Storytellers writing course dedicated to refugees and first and second generation immigrants of Los Angeles and she has co-facilitated a Youth Radio Internship at Radio Sombra, teaching high school students from Boyle Heights how to present and produce their own radio shows.Currently Maya is writing new music produced by Quetzal Flores for an album to be released Summer 2018. She has released a few videos leading up to the release:"Never Said Yes" focuses on University Campus Rape and talks about consent, proclaiming "I don't need to say no, cos I never said yes." The music video directed by Kimberly Bautista of Justice For My Sister, was used in the 2016 Denim Day Campaign.“Madre Tierra” (Mother Earth) is a song about the divine feminine. Drawing on various current and historical references of women who have had a significant impact on the world and in critical thought. It is dedicated to Black women who have lost their lives to police brutality and to women who have been affected by violence."Crumble" a song that addresses the school to prison pipeline and the prison industrial complex.And “Inshallah" a song written when Maya became pregnant with her first child. It speaks of all the hopes, wishes and worries she experienced whilst transitioning into Motherhood

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