Doctor Professor

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Solo/ Duo Metal

"- Sci-fi-delic cine-metal - Duncan, Mike, Michael, Brad"

Los Angeles based DOCTOR PROFESSOR’s greatest strength lies in their ability to transform the headbanger into experiential meditator. No genre tag can contain the sound blasting forth from their amps, skins, and steel as it resonates with monumental expectations of the listener – take heed, and pay attention – because this combination of skill, imagination, and precision also boasts unpredictability. A malleable attitude toward song writing results in the most far-fetching and strangely familiar hooks this side of the Pacific Galaxy. DOCTOR PROFESSOR is the history of mankind’s experiences and failures coalescing in a thunderous technical yarn about evacuating our inevitable demise, all the while inviting the willing along for an epic escape. So when you queue up your next listen, adorn your best headphones and turn the lights low, or if you catch their enigmatic live act, be sure throw your horns in the air - DP style - cause this spaceship is taking off whether you’re strapped in or not….

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