Kerr Lordygan

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Metal

"Professional page for Kerr Lordygan: actor, director, writer,rock vocalist"

Kerr Seth Lordygan received his BFA in theatre from USC. Recent film: When Kings Battle, Nuclear Family, Go West, Convict, Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator, One Hell of a Plan, Midnight Snack, The Change-up. Some stage credits include: Gothmas, The Jamb and Martyrdumb at Eclectic Company Theatre, Desmond/Locke/Sayid in LOST The Musical (LOST parody) at Theater 150, Lie with Me (winner Best Actor Hurricane Season 2012), Merchant of Venice at Banshee Theatre, (Neil Gaiman's) Mr. Punch at Rogue Artists, Measure for Measure and critically acclaimed Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde (as Wilde) at Eclectic Company Theatre. Writing: the hard rock musical Gothmas (co-writer), Martyrdumb (co-writer), Two Jews and a Ham (audience favorite Hurricane Season 2005, Eclectic Company Theatre), The Bad Place (audience favorite 2007), List, Deceaseport and The Hit. The production of Kerr Package, a collection of his short plays, received major critical acclaim for Kerr in 2008. January 2012 saw the world premiere of Kerr’s brand new feature length play, Askance, at Eclectic Company Theatre. Kerr invented and created the ONE DAY PLAY events in which an entire full length play is written, directed, produced and performed in 24 hours. Kerr performed in the world premiere of Ray Bradbury’s adaptation of Something Wicked This Way Comes at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (along with 6 more productions that summer in rep). Also a metal/hard rock vocalist, he sang in Aces High, tribute to Iron Maiden for six years and directed both the stage and film version of the acclaimed Grunge is Dead short play for Hurricane Season 2010 at Eclectic Company Theatre. He directed the hit plays Merry F**kin' Christmas Y'all, No Love and Last Train to Nibroc at ECT as well. Kerr has directed at Theatre of Note and various theatres around Los Angeles and Phoenix. He founded improv comedy troupe Weird On Top and serves as President at Eclectic Company Theatre in North Hollywood, where 5 of his new short plays will be featured in Eclecta-Fest, original play festival, this summer (2014).

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