Rain of Arrows

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"Metal Hard Rock music as Rain of Arrows."

In 2005 Sam started playing in a local band in Honolulu, Hawaii which initially started as a hobby. His experience and passion for hard rock and metal music grew stronger and pushed him in a more serious project.Begining of 2007 when he moved to Los Angeles a whole new entertainment world surprised him when he bumped into many struggling artists and wonderful talents.2008 Sam met Wayne a multi talented artist and producer who composes music for living. They both jammed in a church in West Los Angeles. Their goal was to become part of the creation of new generation international music. Sam wanted to produce hard rock & metal music with a fusion from unique instruments and convey different cultural vision. Wayne's immense knowledge on international instruments and audiences was a key to this initiative.

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