Stir of Echoes band

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal

"Garage band with big dreams!"

"Stir of Echoes" began originally under the name, "Tyranny of Obscenity" and as you can tell, we've gradually matured as a band and have developed a sense of musical direction. Starting out, none of us were really sure why we wanted to play music but we knew we enjoyed it and it was something that we wanted to be a part of our lives. As time went on, we began to progress and improve. We started composing original songs and decided to take things more seriously within the band. In the beginning stages of writing own songs and lyrics, we weren't all to sure what we were aiming for or what we should sound like, but now that we have more of an understanding of ourselves and one another, we try to see things eye to eye and play based off of the connections we have with each-other and at the same time we want to make a connection with those who hear our music. So ultimately, we're trying to help ourselves as well as others. Music isn't supposed to be selfish or product, it's much more than that. It's not a trend for us, we're not trying to be "cool" or give into fads or anything like that. We really just want to be as true and genuine as we can be and hope that people can see that. We want to reach out and achieve greatness and we may never be able to.....but we can try.

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