Midnight Nightmare

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal Rock

"Midnight Nightmare is an Industrial Metal group known for their creative performances, theatrical attire, and extensive musical influences"

Midnight Nightmare is a Dark Industrial Metal/Aggrotech group originating in Atlanta, Georgia, known in the Southeastern music scene for their creativity in their performance and wide variety of musical influences. In 2017, Angel Nightmare reformed the band in Los Angeles. This new iteration of the band has adopted a much heavier sound, blurring the lines between Black Metal, Death Metal and Deathcore, with searing industrial electronics and brooding strings and choirs setting the backdrop to this hellish blend of genres. Upon the band's revival, they quickly became known with local promoters and other musicians alike as a band that brings a ferocious performance, eye catching horror influenced aesthetics, and die hard, dedicated fans. In 2018, the band began to enter the studio to record this new, blistering material for their first full length, "Nyctophilia"(Working Title), aiming to deliver a new

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