• Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal Rock

"Epic Metal, Progressive Metal, Death Metal"

What started out as a few songs written by CL Sedore, NightSword quickly grew to become its own entity. Founded in 2008, NightSword is stronger and more brutal than ever. With the release of their latest album in spring 2018, NightSword establishes itself as a band to watch out for. Ranging from hard-hitting beats to melodic instrumentals, NightSword appeals to hard-core and old school metalheads as well as fans of lighter fare.CL Sedore, Lead Vocals & GuitarCo-founded hardcore trio, Never Falling, whose other members were Alex Rodriguez of Saosin and James Eason of Droid. Later formed the three-guitar triple thrash threat NightSword whose songs incorporate crushing riffs, soaring harmonies and melodic overtones.Johnny Blade, Lead GuitarGrowing up in Chicago, Johnny started out playing hard rock and metal guitar in the mid-80s, while studying classical and jazz styles. Johnny moved to Los Angeles in 1996 where he played in various styles of original and cover bands. Later, Johnny met CL to come back full circle to his metal roots through NightSword.Shaad Madison, DrumsShaad joined NightSword in 2014 with numerous playing credits under his belt to bring powerful beats with unmatched speed and ferocity.Dave Churgin, BassAfter playing in several side projects with Johnny Blade and CL Sedore, Dave Churgin joined NightSword in 2018.

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