Alek Darson

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal Rock

"Metal,Rock from Los Angeles"

Alek Darson discovered his passion for music when he picked up his mom's old nylon string guitar at age of 10. It kept weaving music through his soul throughout high school, where he played with senior students in various pop/rock/metal bands. After making a decision of lifelong commitment to music, he attended and graduated from VISER College, Belgrade as an Engineer of Audio and Video Technologies (2009), focusing on music production. Somehow, he's always been drawn to aggressive, melodic and emotional music. Although he pursued a producer's career, he never stopped nurturing his musical abilities thorugh private lessons of jazz guitar, piano, composition, tonal harmony, and counterpoint.Alek became a part of a progressive metal project Organized Chaos in 2005 where he developed himself drastically as a guitar player, arranger and producer. His playing had a strong impact on his colleagues, which led to performances with numerous famous Serbian artists. Frequent tours, TV shows and videos became common events for him. Growing up in Belgrade, Serbia in the 90s left many emotional marks on Alek's mind and soul, and somehow he never got to express all the complex states and feelings he has had the urge to. Hence he decided to perfect his composition skills at Berklee College of Music in Boston, of which he is a proud alumnus.

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