Merle Jagger

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Country

"Honky Tonk / Country Rock, Ranch Rock and Swing Blues with a mix of amped up Bluegrass, at a bar to discuss the future of Americana music...over a few drinks."

Boiling out of the stills of LA's underground is Merle Jagger, an instrumental trio, now with vocals too, blazing a new trail of outlaw melodic for the Western millennium.Searching for the truth and not just the cake, long time sessioneer guitarist Mark Christian, a native of the Southern California orange tree ranches, teamed up with barnyard pals bassist Pat Flores and drummer Brandon Goldstein for the ultimate progressive Hillbilly experiment. Mr. Christian's eclectic electric guitar style is fueled by a kaleidoscope of banjo and flatpicking treasures that emulate a round-up of influences including Jimmy Bryant, Roy Clark, Jimi Hendrix, Earl Sgruggs, Roy Buchanan,, Rory Gallagher, Danny Gatton and Joe Maphis.

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