Wolf Rage

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Rock from Los Angeles"

We are Wolf Rage. We dwell in the outskirts of Los Angeles where we concoct our sound and vision. Roaming the cities of Southern California, Alex Sergio Reyes (guitars, lead) and Michael Garcia (guitars, rhythm) carry the distortion that tears through the airways. The back line, commanded by Andrew Young (percussion, drums) and David Vazquez (guitars, bass) bring the thunder that rolls along and fills the sound waves with heavyweight strength and intensity. Lester Cabrera (vocals) channels the message brought forth by the wolves and distributes them in distorted baritone or screeching outcry form.The wolves bring the sound of heavy metal and hard rock music back to Los Angeles and into the new millennium. The vulgarity of Pantera, the complexity of Lamb of God, the rhythmic styles of Disturbed, the haunting riffs of Tool, are just some of the influences infused within our music.Wolf Rage’s ultimate driving force is our fans. Without their support, we are nothing. So we invite you all to howl with us and let loose with all your energy as the wolves carry the banner for metal and hard rock fans !

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