• San Jose, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Rap

"Rap from San Jose, CA"

• L.Dot who's real name is Louis Carter, is not your average rapper. Multiple talents set him apart from any other artist. One he is a United States Marine. This "Devil Dog" has an uncommon valor; he started working when he was only 10 years old. When asked about why he had to do that he stated "I needed money, we was PO!" He has always had a love for music for as long as he's been alive and used to play around beat boxing but never really even thought of becoming a performer until about 8 years ago. That’s when he started taking his music seriously. In 2010 after winning his first hip hop contest, he knew he needed to pursue his dream, and show the world what L.Dot is all about.L.Dot relates to "Hip Hop America" and like most of us came from a broken home & was raised by his strong single beautiful black mother Desiree. Though he graduated high school and had two jobs at 19 he decided to join the Marine Corps. His mother and he were fighting a lot, about him partying and drinking. When she found out he was going to join the Marine Corps she cried and didn't want him to go, but he felt it was time to man up and failure was not an option. L.Dot’s has the drive and passion to take him to the top. He is always working on some type of project, from Music, photography, production, video, and performing. He is an artist with many talents. He is currently workin on His Mix Tape Titled “Half Man Half Amazing Pt. 2” which will be done by March 2nd 2013. When you listen to L.Dot and you hear him speaking about grinding or being successful it's because he is doing just that. He is still active duty, has two young boys, a beautiful wife and runs a recording & photography studio. When he's not blazin the stage just know L.Dot stays grindin to take care of his family and is also serving our country. He relates to his music because he lives to the beat of his very own tune. L.Dot’s music is his story to success. Stay tuned to see this rising superstar as his future unfolds.

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