Marya Stark

  • Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Folk

"Folk from Santa Cruz, CA"

"In the space between art and persona there is magic. Marya Stark lives there. Drawing from influences as diverse as Classical, Broadway, Indie-Pop, Storytelling and Folk, Marya crafts a sound that is wholly original. As a multi-instrumentalist and multi-media enchantress, she creates the way she breathes; without choice or hesitation. She is a carrier of myth, mystery, and medicine songs with which she embarks to create a ceremony of the human condition, taking her audience on lucid journey's through the caverns of the soul. An award winning songwriter and soaring soprano, she is a mentor in the art of voice and archetypal embodiment. She is mused by kindness, nuance, synchronicity and soul remembrance, and is a life-long chaser waterfalls."

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