Brother Spellbinder

  • San Francisco, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Folk Indie

""Raw plaintive lamentations. Her soul the strummer, Her heart the drummer. Now the Lady, now the Vamp. Praying for Man, Preying on Men....""

Brother Spellbinder plays well-crafted songs with old world ache and modern angst. Sometimes described as Cabaret Folk-rock, they veer off the beaten track with plaintiff vocals, unusual arrangements, and a variety of textures. The daughter of Big Brother & The Holding Co.'s original drummer, Alzara grew up in a rock-n-roll scene and learned early that music could move mountains. She works as a therapist/social worker in public health with low income SF residents and has a deep interest in how people evolve through hardship and how they heal from loss. She formed Brother Spellbinder with roots guitarist and local fisherman Jamie Wilson in 2012, an early graduate from San Francisco's School of the Arts High School. The group also features Steve La Porta on drums and Gabriel Beistline on cello. Newest members Helena Tietze also on cello and vocals and Sean Griffin on electric and lead guitar.

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