Jon Patton Music

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Country Rock

"Jon Patton is an observer, a storyteller, a guitar-wrencher, a keys-pounder, a singer - "There is an alluring, sexy oddity about his every performance"

Jon Patton is an observer, a writer, a musicmaker- "There is an alluring, sexy oddity about his every performance" A guitar-wrencher, a keys-pounder, a storyteller, his songs are described as,"stunning", "delightful", "beautiful". His voice "rugged, aching, and raw with truth". A fighter, a lover, a survivor..."Jon Patton either inspires me keep on keeping on, or makes me want to drink whiskey and cry with my dog in the backyard". A "pure, pin back your ears, brush-stroke" player". Guitarist for Edge City and The TurboRockers in Baltimore/Annapolis, MD, JP brought his songs, voice, and guitar to the wonderfully eclectic Blue Blazes in Atlanta during the late eighties. Fueled by three songwriters (Mac Collins, Reggie Blaess, JP) and Blaess' "bass with a bow" Blue Blazes shared the stages of the Cotton Club, 5P Pub, White Dot, Avondale Towne Cinema, Baker St., and MetroPlex with heavyweights Ed Roland, Michelle Malone and Drag the River, Mr. Crowe's Garden, Indigo Girls, and the HellHounds. Patton and Blaess added Brian Kelly on drums in the nineties and early 2's to put together several more albums of recorded material. Patton's style of playing, multi-instrumentation, production and engineering, carved eight years out in Nashville. He has recently located to Los Angeles.

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