Ben Wylde & The Zero Summers

  • Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Band: Cover Indie Rock

"The Zero Summers make catchy indie rock that draws on alt rock, pop-punk, with a tinge of bossa nova rhythm thrown in just for fun."

David sings and writes a lot of our songs. Finding inspiration in early Neil Young melodies and Japanese underground grunge, he taught himself to play guitar on a cheap nylon-string using his mom's torn up Bob Dylan songbook. Bonnie sings and plays cello, keys, chimes ukulele, and a handful of other rare african pinky percussion instruments. She also writes awesome original music. And she speaks Russian. No joke. Daleth plays upright bass, electric bass, u-bass, and also sings. She has the most experience of the bunch, and probably knows more bands than all of us put together. And Daleth is fluent in Spanish. Takero plays drums, percussion, and anything else that clicks, snaps, ruffles, or pops. We were lucky to steal him from Brittney Spears. (Hey, don't judge. The good ones are always taken). Takero is lucky enough to be fluent in Japanese. Seeing a pattern? Lol. Our unique mix of ambient indie-pop and danceable alt rock draws heavily on British pop, post-punk and hardcore influences. Songs lyrics oscillate between profound prose and emotional-yet-catchy hooks.

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