Hot Start

  • Marin County, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"A blend of High energy funk rock from Marin County"

Hot Start is a blend of homegrown and imported talent from across Northern California. With the self-described genre of “California Rock”. Hot Start combines Rock, Blues, Funk, and a touch of Jazz to create harmony amongst the different influences each player brings to the group. Daniel Coyle a Marin native, spent his formative years writing solo songs about past relationships, new beginnings and embracing the ups and downs of life. Once he met Guitarists Alex Bryceson and Alejandro Sanchez the solo project turned into a trio. They began by playing open mics and wherever they could get people to listen to them, It came to the point where they wanted to get serious and start playing real gigs to get the music out there. That's when drummer Ben Moore entered the fold. Born and raised in Sonoma County Ben was found using the ultimate band member finder tool...Craigslist. Now you never know what you’ll find hiding under the craigslist rock, but they found a gem in Ben who’s aggressive rock drumming style pushed the band to new heights. Not only did Ben’s playing bolster the band but his long time friend and Trombonist Jeff Franklin entered the group and added the fifth element. After a year of searching and many instrument swaps between band members the group was blessed to have Dillion Gradl enter the fold in late 2016 who solidified the Rhythm section with his dynamic bass playing. Since then the band has been chugging along playing gigs in the Bay Area and beyond as well as working on new original material. Hot Starts’ single True Lust, was released August of 2016 and is the first official release as a band. It’s is to be featured on the front page of Reverb Nation later this year and to be included with their demo release TBA.

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