• Chico, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Bad Daddy is original and cover 60's classic rock & blues."

Our Band, Bad Daddy, first formed in 2005 with BRUCE MARELICH, MARK LIGHTCAP and COLE SPOHR singing lead vocals; BRUCE playing lead guitar, COLE playing guitar and mandolin, MARK on guitar and keyboards, and GEORGE NEWCOM on the drums. Tragically, George passed away on July 1, 2010. VINNIE CARINI plays drums and provides vocals for the band now. Bass player extraordinaire Scott Hilke has joined the band and brought the group an unparalleled excellence on the electric bass. Bad Daddy played mostly electric rock music in the beginning and later switched to more of an Americana sound blending in acoustic instruments. They released their first album toward the end of 2011. It can be purchased at CD Baby by searching "Bad Daddy Vintage". Bad Daddy has recently switched back to an all electric sound and is in the process of recording their second album. Bruce and Mark played in a San Francisco band, Uther Pendragon, back in the 60's-70's. Guerssen Records out of Spain is re-mastering 26 Uther Pendragon songs and is slated to release a triple vinyl LP in late 2014.

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