Pistol Beauty

  • Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Rock

"Rock from Hollywood"

Imagine if the Ramones and Guns N' Roses had a child, and that child was, miraculously, not taken away by the state...Formed in Hollywood, Pistol Beauty quickly bonded over their love of catchy hooks and anthemic choruses. In 2017, their EP Against the Wall (produced by Kevin Cofield) was released and is available on all major sites. The track "Only A Movie" was featured in the indie horror film Red Eye. To quote Lisa Burke from the website Metal Assault: "[Pistol Beauty bring] the wild and the attitude...the singer has a dynamic voice with good stage presence and the guitar is technical as well as catchy to bring you a very entertaining show." Pistol Beauty seek to put their imprint on the music world with a combination of rock, punk, pop, and a bit of sleaze thrown in for good measure. "We are the band you can drink beer to. Clap your hands, stamp your feet, and sing along. There aren't a lot of bands in America that let you have fun anymore. So, we created one."

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