• Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Vibes and rock n roll"

Dwelling somewhere between the grandiose rock of Pink Floyd, the experimental staccato of Built To Spill and the shuffling disco of Earth, Wind & Fire lies MainMan, a Southern California quartet of artists born from frustrated prior incarnations and longtime friendship. Their debut EP “Mistaker” featuring the first single “WWH” (What Will Happen) is a true departure from the ordinary. Singer Morgan Demeter’s plaintiff and urgent vocals alternately sooth and jar as he wrestles with themes ranging from the understanding the human experience to examining our relationships between one another. Backed by former Bear On Fire members Chris Mintz-Plasse and Nick Chamian, and The Hammerhead’s Ryan Dean, Demeter’s melodies float among ethereal yet strangely familiar tones. Indeed what truly draws you into MainMan’s songs is their musicality, originality and knack for making the unpredictable seem effortless.

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