Guy Martin Music

  • Ventura, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Rock Singer-Songwriter

"Blues-rock guitar player, singer, songwriter from Ventura, CA"

Guy Martin was born and raised in Ventura, CA. His love for playing the guitar didn't really come out until the ripe old age of 16. It was then that Guy's good friend from high school showed him the electric guitar. Finding an instant attraction to the instrument, Guy bought his first electric guitar and started practicing...5 hours a day. With no interest in reading boring sheet music, he began to listen to his favorite rock records and play along. About 1 year later, he was introduced to the hard driving blues notes of Stevie Ray Vaughan. This changed Guy's path immediately.At the time, Guy was playing along with all the SRV records, and the legendary Jimi Hendrix records Guy could get his hands on. He began to self enhance his guitar skills at home in his bedroom...hour after hour. Realizing some potential in himself, he started a popular high school band...they called themselves "The Threads". It was party time all the school dances and house parties.Still honing the guitar chops a few years later after high school, Guy grouped together a power trio band that covered mostly SRV material. They called themselves "Rude Mood". With all of the SRV and Hendrix influences behind him, the band's set list was rockin'. "Rude Mood" rocked Ventura County for about 3 years straight. Soon after though...Guy realized his first love in music was writing and arranging his own songs...being original!Throughout some of the band's travels, they were able to open for several national acts including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jeff Healey Band, Ronnie Earl, Slash, The Buddah Heads, Lonnie Brooks, Corey Stevens, Little Feat, Gregg Allman, and the keeps climbing. Currently Guy's band consists of long time bass player Tony Trigueiro, and drummer Pete Galagher. Lots of good original music is just on the horizon for Guy and his band. In the mean time, be prepared to mix it up a little with some SRV, Hendrix, and a lot more of his own original songs!

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