The Asteroid Shop

  • West Hollywood, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Rock

"Rock from West Hollywood"

"With deep and distinct vocals, and contrasting lighter harmonies 'On The Rise' is a gorgeous flowing rock song, that has an atmosphere that really engages the listener. Fabulous song." - Beehive Candy 3/8/2017" Imagine a cross between Mazzy Star and The National. " .. Lawrence Person's Futurama" With a singer, Eric Brendo (ex-Downtown), who sounds like a dead ringer for Steve Kilbey of The Church, this Austin band proudly straddles the line between dreampop and shoegaze " .. The Big Takeover Magazine“My favorite track off the EP is “Hazy Love.” With powerful drumming, a growling bass guitar part and a cacophonous crescendo, “Hazy Love” is a dramatic and a striking way to end the EP.” .. Dan , Ovrld Magazine“The Asteroid Shop – Distant Luxury – These spacey alternative rockers keep their shoegazey edge on this accessible new 4-track EP." .. Mog , Mog Blog" The Asteroid Shop is a gauzy, hazy slab of pop-rock goodness that roars—dreamily—out of your speakers in a way that’s almost comforting. There isn’t much about the band that’s especially new, but sometimes familiarity breeds not contempt, but appreciation. That’s certainly the case here." .. David Maine , PopMatters

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