• West Hollywood, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Pop R&B

"vibes all around . �: dommybravo �: iamdmeetri"

Dominique Demetrice Griffin, known as D'Meetri, is a Vocalist.D'Meetri and his brother, Tony, were placed in foster care as infants, but were fortunate enough to be placed with a family in Maplewood, Minnesota. The family of A firm and God-fearing mother who raised them in the Camphor United Methodist Church. The home was warm and inviting but as the years passed, and more and more needy kids came and went, home felt less like home and D'Meetri felt overlooked, forgotten. Like any young boy struggling for attention and affection, he began to search for ways to express himself. No more athletic than the skinny twig he was, sports didn’t cut it. And so far from the core Twin Cities’ black community, in school, he was an outcast. It wasn’t until he was introduced to the church choir that something took hold of him and propped him up as never before.D'Meetri didn't have the guts to join the choir at first as he was too used to rejection to want to be a member of anything. Yet from the first time he sang in front of the congregation, something deep inside was snatched awake. He began singing to himself when he walked, when he rode his bike, and on the bus. Singing was a way to get away if not go somewhere.

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