Fidel 2Point0

  • West Hollywood, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Hip-Hop Rap

"One of the dopest up & coming entrepreneurs on the west coast!! Writer, composer, collaborater, and more...."

Fidel 2point0 has been developing and earning credits for many years as an artist, writer, producer, and entreprenuer.Fidel, short for fidelity, (Loyalty) is on a mission to form alliances, build classics in the studio and take to the stage as often as possible with A-1 material. He states,"I've been in the company of west coast Hip Hop Royalty that have extended olive branches of wisdom. I plan on taking what I've learned and capitalizing for the greater good."Armed with mental compositions, a midi board, industry contacts and a computer back in 2007, Mr. 2.0 had set out to front run any and all beat-making competitors. With tutors like Dre, 9th Wonder, Prodigy of The Infamous Mobb Deep, Lil' Jon, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland , Kanye West, & MANY OTHERS, the torch for HITMAKERS is sure to burn brighter.Fidel 2.0 also possesses an appreciation for R&B music and found an opportunity working alongside Singer/Writer/Producer Maskerade on a project called "From Heiress With Love" by up & coming R&B/Pop group HEIRESS, where he co-penned a verse for "I need your love" and other tracks. Radiant Audio Productions via Fidel 2.0 is off to a terrific start.

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