• West Hollywood, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hip-Hop Metal Rock

"Public Enemy meets Rage Against the Machine BLAXMYTH: L.A kings of the underground represent an alternative to popular, commercial music."

Emerging from the grungy hardcore underground scene of Los Angeles, BLAXMYTH represents an alternative to popular, commercial music while introducing a brand new sound/style/genre/movement to the willing urban music masses. These massive rhythmic guitar riffs are infused with uncompromising lyrical messages that are unflinching in the analysis of the political landscape that has historically and is currently shaping the reality of the worldview. Blaxmyth has found the Rulers of this global Imperialistic empire GUILTY of violating the order of the divine statue of PEACE of the Creator of us all that is due to all of mankind.Life has become untenable for the exceedingly vast majority of the planets inhabitants and BLAXMYTH speaks to the wrongs and continual sufferings that are being endured by the voiceless. Blaxmyth points out the crimes of the criminal oligarchy without fear of reprisals or the desire to be bought out. NO ONE STANDS UP and challenges the evils done against humanity!! The music artist of today have been found to have swallowed their collective tongues.... BLAXMYTH is the one active exception to the rule. BLAXMYTH doesn't adorn mask or hoods or speak with auto tuners to disguise or voices.

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