Frances Livings

  • West Hollywood, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Pop

"SINGER - Most recent album "Ipanema Lounge""

“When I heard Frances' songs, I was very impressed. I thought that her writing and lyrics were beautiful. What I loved best about her lyrics are the stories and the atmospheres that they evoke. That to me is very rare and not something that I see very often.” ~ Greg Porée, jazz composer and guitarist on Dancing with the StarsThe London-born artist Frances Livings has always been passionately independent-minded: Besides music, she has worked as a designer, has earned a PhD in art history and is the founder of the music label Moontraxx. Her interest in innovative music led to the electronica collaboration 4UrbanArtists, mostly performing and recording in Germany.Drawing from these different life experiences has made her ability to both craft and tell a story very unique. Influenced by her deep interest in literature and poetry, Frances' lyrics may well remind you of Sting’s. Her engaging voice has been compared to Sade’s tone, it is soulful like Peggy Lee’s and interesting and expressive like Annie Lennox’.

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