Stupid Flanders

  • Fullerton, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Punk Ska

"We are here to rock your socks off.........and maybe even your shirt."

Formed over an alcohol-fueled alliance between kitchen staff and waiters that all happened to love ska music in a chance encounter at a bar, Stupid Flanders played their first show in September of 2006 and have kept the party going ever since. Over time they've honed their sound into a unique blend of ska, punk, rock, and sloppiness, and they've grown from playing empty clubs to sold-out shows at the House of Blues. Their sound has been described as if they absorbed the music of Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Buck O'Nine and Rancid, and threw away the good parts.While the bassist Veg Crash McCoy is the only original member from that one drunken night, after convincing their friend Jeremy to pretend to unite them as the voice of the band they've solidified into a solid lineup of Steven on drums, Joey and Zack on guitar, and Matt, Will and EJ as the horn section. They've been able to write new songs and expand on our primary goal of partying with friends at bigger and better venues.This album marks the first time Stupid Flanders has gone into the studio as a solidified unit, and the sounds coming out of it are surprisingly good. They are extremely excited to share this with all their friends, and hope to do so in April.

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