Missing in Memphis

  • Riverside, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative

"Local Inland Empire Band playing the the top 40 hits from the 90's and 2000's post Grunge Music era."

Missing in Memphis was created in April of 2012 by the Lead Guitarist Dennis Palmer after over 6 years as a Bass Player in a Classic Rock Band. This Band was put together to play more modern Rock and Roll from a Time when Grunge rock was at its peak. After a few member changes the Band ended up with a group of talented guys that love playing that style of music. The Vocalist, Sean, has been in bands in the past but never really found anything that made him want to stick with it until now. His vocals and the power he sings with adds to the overall energy of the band. Wrap those vocals with the Power Duo of Dennis and Nick on guitar and Hard hitting Back-line provided by the outstanding energy and power of the Bass player James and the extreme talent and strong drumming by Art and you have a project unlike anything else out there.

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