Rio Devore

  • Riverside, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Folk Indie

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Rio Devore isa sing/song writing from Redlands California. His music career began in 2005, with the forming of his first music project entitled, The Night Of His Very Own Room. This project was focused on one mused which should have been the first sign that it was bound to fail. However, the project served its purpose, Rio was able to release three albums, which allowed him to progress and giving him the chance to experiment with different sounds and learn the art of writing truly poet songs. Rio did not want to be limited with the acoustic, jazzy, indie sound so coinciding with The Night Of His Very Own Room, a side project was born and it was named, Valleta;Malta. Unlike Rios other sound, Valleta;Malta was a scremo band with break downs and words that could not be understood. Valleta;Malta broke up in 2007 after there first and only show. They recorded an EP but it was never released. In the summer of 2007 Rio took what was left of The Night Of His Very Own Room and moved to San Diego, believing a new city was something that he need to move forward. Little did he know this would be the end of The Night Of His Very Own Room. In 2008 Rio retired the project and moved once again to Orange County CA. It took Rio two years to forum a new project entitled, The Black Bear Revolt. They were able to release one full-length album and tour up the coast playing bars and coffee houses before the band decided to slip their ways in 2012. However, this time Rio took little to no time starting a new project, which is called Wyatt & The Buffalo. This project goes back to the roots of where Rio started while at the same time keeping little pieces of the sound that he has picked up within his travels. The first album released was in the winter of 2012 entitled, Trading The Coast Lines But Keeping The Names And Faces. This album focused on his struggles in which lead him moving back to his hometown of Redlands. Since then the band has released a split EP, titled, Arrivals & Departures EP. This split showed Rios progression and gave note to his plan for his music in the future. Rio noted in a few songs that he is leaving for Ireland in the summer of 2013 but this will not be the end of Wyatt & The Buffalo, Rio feels like now, unlike the projects before, is ready to take on the world and feels like he final has something or something close that the world would like and need to hear. A new album is set to release in the winter of 2013 so expect raw emotion with a hopeful voice and heartfelt lyrics with the ringing of breaking bottles in the near future because this buffalo is wild and doesn’t plan on stopping.

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