Shotgun Jefferson

  • Riverside, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Epic ROCK dedicated to hard fought battles, WOW, Cosplay, and gaming worldwide."

Songhammer is a professional convention and gaming industry contractor providing award winning entertainment for anime/comic events, conventions, eSports/cosplay events, and broadcast appearances. Whether it's a two man singing duo or a 4 man full band performance, Songhammer always brings an up-armored musical party to events worldwide! Our original music has been featured on the World of Warcraft game launcher, premiered at international gaming conventions like Gamescom in Germany, and broadcast on network news and DirectTV. Hiring Songhammer will increase the octane of your epic event by 128%. “The Mighty SONGHAMMER was culled in the heart of a dying star, and brought to this world in a rain of light and power.” -Orgrim Doomhammer-Songhammer is the ultimate geek-rock band. These juggernauts of stage and song are a crowd-pleasing, epic rocking, hell-a-fun act. Their music is geared for gamers, cosplayers, comic-heads and geeks of every stripe. The band is always up-armored and ready to rumble with epic rock, pop, metal, hip-hop, and acoustic ballads. From after-parties to conventions; from jingles to feature film soundtracks; locally and internationally; hiring Songhammer will increase the octane of your epic event, brand, or project.

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