Elu The Dust

  • Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Ska

"Elu The Dust, is a High Energy Power Pop Band With the distinctive Influence of Reggae & Ska."

ELU THE DUST:Two insightful musicians sat down one day, simply contemplating the wonderful inscrutability of life and music. Their thoughts incidentally alighted on a couple of their buddies, also proficient musicians.Eventually the inexorable tides of fate brought them together, thus creating the magic that is Elu The Dust. The fact that life is multifaceted, just like the peaceful ocean that becomes raging and tempestuous when in a storm. So also should human emotion be expressed through the freedom of music. The purpose of Elu The Dust, is to interpret true feeling and emotion, by application of the venerable medium of modern Ska, Reggae, Rock Music.Dereck Blackman (originally from Trinidad & Tobago and the son of the legendary creator of Soca Music, the late Ras Shorty I), takes you on a phantasmagorical excursion, exploring enchanted valleys of soulful, emotive Lead Vocals, and tasty Guitar Licks. John McKnight (a former member of the legendary Los Angeles Funk, Punk Rock outfit, Fishbone), weaves his spells by masterfully manipulating, guitars, keys and trombone. Kevin Smith, on Bass possesses the ability (by incorporating incessant, infectious Bass lines) to compel you to get up and shake your ass. Josh Tanner on drums, like a clever magician, can formulate a formidable potion, consisting of potent drum beats, that will make you giddy with glee. The musical ecstasy ingested through your ear hole, will translate you to a rarefied plain of perpetual euphoria.With three cds released (cds were released under their previous name, "Dominion Status") in the last few years to rave reviews and a placement on the TV show 90210. They are now poised to release their self titled latest offering, which is scheduled to be out by fall of 2013.

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