Dale Houston

  • Bakersfield, CA, USA
Solo/ Duo Country

"Country from Bakersfield"

Dale Houston's biography is a little different than most country artists that you find out there today.Sure, he was born in a small southern town to a musicalfamily. And yes, he even grew up listening to the classics of country music and dreaming of the day he would get his chance on the stage. But that is where a lot of the similarities end.Most new country singers attribute their first live performances to singing in church. Dale always got in trouble for not singing in church. He was, and still is, a little on the shy side. It was his grandfather, who was a country singer in his younger days, who got Dale interested in music. He sent Dale his first guitar while he was still living in Colorado. It was a Christmas gift when Dale was only four years old. It was a plastic Roy Rogers guitar. A year later when Dale and his family moved back to Georgia he got his first real guitar and his grandfather started teaching him to play.Dale hid this new hobby from his schoolmates. It was a time when it was cool to play football and ride bicycles. Music lessons was not something that you went to school bragging about. It was not until many years later that people outside of his family learned of his love of music.One of the other differences where Dale's early life differs from most singers today is that when Dale listened to the classic country singers that influenced him, he was right there with them! Dale's dreams of being a country music singer can be traced right back to the early days he spent on the bus with Merle Haggard. Since he was just an infant his mother, a longtime friend of Merle's, took him on the road and around the great legends. Even before anyone knew, including his family, Dale was planning his career.

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