Unit F

  • Pomona, CA, USA
Band: Original Gothic Indie Progressive Punk Rock

"Political punk band out of Southern CA."

Since its inception, Unit F has been walking the fine line of socio-political consciousness and chaos with their own amalgam of hardcore, punk and straightforward rock 'n roll. Through their sonically raw, yet defined sound, they show awareness of punk rock’s musical heritage and its decided trademark charge of the need for social and political change that is typically absent from popular culture.In 2017 Unit F now prepares to release its third full-length album, Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction to stand along side Comes The Day (2014) and American Shutdown (2009). The new self-produced effort will mark a departure from the Jim Monroe (Adolescents, Manic Hispanic, CJ Ramone) Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks) production team who were responsible for the notable full lengths as well as the hard charging Same Ol’ Story EP (2012). Mark Bolton, formerly with 45 Grave, joined Unit F as a guitarist in 2015, bringing his signature chops not to mention the recording skills and his studio project Sound Cage Recording that made this new release inevitable. The line up is still led by original vocalist Mel Schantz who is still penning the lyrics, and David Costa who played guitar on Comes the Day and Same Ol’ Story. Guillermo Santacruz’s bass work is as notable on Ecocide, and that same chemistry and penchant for songwriting that pretty much demanded a new album, is still the performance dynamic to be seen on the stage. The live shows still feature most of the classic burners that Unit F fans came to expect; the same songs that landed them shows with such bands as Bad Religion, TSOL, Agent Orange, Ill Repute, D.I. and too many other vaunted yet still active punk rock hall of famers. The classic song Ride is still as popular as ever, but with this lineup, the vibe is tighter, and all the new songs show more of an evolution as opposed to a departure. The dynamic is unique. Maybe it is because the new material seems to display an evolution of punk rock with distinct vocals, tempo changes, and meaty, churning riffs that make Unit F’s approach feel like classic old school. Backing vocals and sing (shout?) along choruses that put the hooks in line with the gnarl. So the live show still has that intensity that seems to change the room every time the band takes the stage, as the new songs such as Berkley Streets and Black Snake are pounded out with the same frenetic political intensity as Direct Action Now or any song from Same Ol’ Story. Of course, the topics seem to span administrations and political trends with dismal ease, giving rise to other new songs like Decay and Bad Monkeys, which point out the steady, go nowhere march of a disoriented humanity. In that regard, at least the social reflection gets a driving beat, a pounding bass line and a two guitar attack that makes such introspect seem like good night of rock and roll. And that is just good punk rock protocol. ===================================The buzz:-"Greg Hetson describes his time in the studio with Unit F: "...Seriously, ...the world needs more bands like Unit F that combine good music with intelligent lyrical content.""-Top 40 Charts.com-===================================-"...Hard-driving, old school punk... dripping with raw political insight."-PT Rothschild, Full Value Review-===================================-"The album (American Shutdown) is awesome. I haven't heard that style of punk rock ever. Good stuff."-Jack, PunkRockDemo.com-===================================-"...By balancing grim themes with dark humour, the band shows a level of social awareness that extends beyond surface value. Needless to say, anyone who loves music that challenges them to think for themselves should pick up American Shutdown..."

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