Lazarus Casket

  • Long Beach, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Metal Rock

"Metal from Long Beach"

Lazarus Casket is a veteran band of the Southern California metal circuit. This melodic death metal band; with an influence from thrash, was founded by Long Beach friends Aaron Miller and David Johnson in 2008. Featuring lead vocals and lyrics from Jason Tyler (All Gods Kill). Tyler describes the current line-up as "aggressive, determined, and focused." Johnson is a singer-songwriter inspired by diverse musical influences. Johnson says, "When I saw what Miller was doing back in 2008, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. There was the element of the bands we loved like Swedish melodic death metal and thrash, but he was putting his own twist on it."Their full-length album was produced under the watchful eye of experienced musician and producer Mark Haggblad (Devolved, Dead Hero Studios). Miller says, "We were excited to work with someone with the skill and experience of Mark. I knew people were really responding to what we were creating live, and the studio experience has exceeded our initial expectations." Lazarus Casket was listed as "The band to watch in 2014" by Rockwell UnScene Magazine. The album will be released 04/04/2014 (US).LAZARUS CASKET is:Jason Tyler – vocalsAaron Miller – guitarsBryan Schwarz - guitarsDavid Johnson – bassTyrell Williamson - drumsPress:"Lazarus Casket: the best way to describe this band is brutal metal. The band is: Jason Tyler - vocals, Gabe - guitars, Aaron Miller - guitars, David Johnson - bass, and Tyrell Williamson (Whitey) - drums. This Long Beach band fits in the Death Metal/Experimental spectrum of the Metal genre. Lazarus Casket took the stage with brutal force, as always with hard drums, and Jason Tyler's pure metal growl on lead vocals. This band was a metal fans dream. I suggest them to all my hard core, brutal, (I know I said that but that sums them up) fans.""Lazarus Casket is Metal to the core. I would describe them as Death Metal/Experimental/Metal. This band is hard, hard, hard and if that is your taste this is your band. This band has elements of Testament and other great Thrash/Metal bands in their sound. A new addition to this band is lead vocalist Jason Tyler. I have to say good choice; he brings a hard, death metal delivery and style that fits the band. If your a Metal fan this is a band worthy of your time and hard earned money."

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